Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Miracle Maker

December 28, 2011: today Sy's blood work came out great and his kidneys are functioning again at 100%! Doctors said if they didn't know Sy they would have no idea he even had cancer by looking at him. This is not the end, he still has a ways to go but this is a step in the right direction. For the 3rd time in 10 months I spent part of my day joy. 1st time was when scans came back showing chemo was working and tumors had shrunk, 2nd time was a month or so ago when tumors were still shrinking even though he had been off chemo for 2 months and then again today when I heard his kidneys were back for the fight. I may not be religious but at some point you have to start believing in something bigger then you and I believe something or someone is helping Sy though this fight and he is a miracle story in the making. Please keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming because it all is working some way or another. Thank you.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Wish Come True

Dec. 26, 2011: Sy recently returned from his Make-a-Wish trip to Florida. Thanks to Make-a-Wish and Give Kids the World (GKTW) Sy was able to visit Sea World, Epcot Center, Universal Studios, Whoville, Harry Potter Land and Disneyworld! His name is now on a gold star that will forever be at GKTW and Sy has memories that will last forever.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In Sy We Trust

December 6, 2011: every time you feel weak, not in the mood, or giving up hope, I want you to think of Sy. Through 11 rounds of chemo, an oral chemo drug every day, no hair, time away from his friends, constant trips to the hospital he has not stopped fighting. Yesterday Sy had scans done and for the 1st time in 8 months he decided he wanted to be awake for the scan. He was a trooper and continue to stare cancer in the face and tell it he is not scared. They returned the hospital today to meet with doctors and go over the scans. Mind you, he has been off chemo now for almost 2 months. Not sure what to expect we prayed harder and tried to think positively. Well let me tell you, Sy is stronger than any of us will ever be! Sy continues to beat the odds. Tumors in his lungs and liver have shrunk in size and number! Doctors have decided for Sy to continue his oral chemo drug with obvious follow up appointments. And thanks to the San Jose mercury newspaper article we have had amazing out reach and inquiries of ways to help and is looking into a clinical study. So fingers crossed the current treatment continues to work and the clinical trial works and can not only save Sy's life but others with liver cancer.Thank you for all of the support, prayers and faith. Don't stop believing!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sy's recent adventures

December 3, 2011: Sy finally got to take his first plane trip and was fearless. When Matt asked him if he was scared he said "Dad I have cancer, airplanes don't scare me no more, the plane just gets me closer to angels I always see around me." He is so amazing, makes me smile and cry at the same time.

When they all arrive in LA for another boxing event. They were met by Oscar De La Hoya and the rest of the Golden Boy crew, and Garcia Boxing group. Sy was once again there for weigh ins and introductions. He got to go to Disneyland for a little bit on Friday but Saturday was the big event. Sy was in the ring, presenting the belt and sitting ring side to cheer on the fighters. Did I mention it was all seen on Showtime? Yup someones getting famous and loving every minute of it. Thank you to Garcia Boxing and Oscar De La Hoya for showing Sy such a good time!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Short stay

Nov. 16th, 2011: After a long wait in the ER, Sy had a pretty short stay at the hospital. With a new med added to the list to keep his potassium down and a fresh blood transfusion Sy was discharged and sent home. He is now home and back to his usual day, school and video games while he anxiously waits for his first plane ride ever and then 2 more exciting ones to follow! I think he is more excited about the flight then he is about the destinations. Reminds me of the 1st time I took him to Disneyland...He wanted to go on Tower of Terror so bad that even though his heart was beating through his chest and he was the most scared I have ever seen him, he toughed it out and went on the ride. After the ride he looked at me and said, "I never want to go on that again!" Then wouldn't you know it, next day, when I asked what ride do you want to go on? He said "Tower of Terror". Nothing can stop this kid, he knows no fear.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Pizza, No soda, no fun!

November 15, 2011: 10:00pm Matt received a phone call telling him Sy's Potassium levels were dangerously high and they wanted him to come in. So they made the trip to Stanford ER where they waited all night. This morning they were finally given a room at LPCH where Sy is now. He was put on meds and his potassium levels dropped while he was on them but then slightly climbed back up. He is now on a strict diet limiting all his favorite, soda, Gatorade (apparently all high in potassium. Hopefully his potassium level stabilizes soon so he can get back home and rest up for a few busy weeks.

Toward the end of the week Sy is supposed to meet Andre Ward (professional boxer). December 3rd Sy will be flying down to LA to sit ring side for his fight and meet Oscar DeLaHoya. When they return Sy will get to recover and rest up before his big trip to Florida for "Make-A-Wish" where he gets to go to Disney World. Then after the 1st of the year Sy, Matt and I will be making a trip to Chicago to go to Lego Discovery Center, thanks to KRXQ and their 27 days of Xmas Wishes.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Round 12- Fundraiser for Team Sy

Saturday Nov 19th 2011 @10pm-2am

Come to a fundraiser for Team Sy. Enjoy a night out with old friends and new friends for a good cause. 
Club Mutiny M F B
Location: 422 W 2nd St Antioch Ca

$5 Cover $10 After 11pm
Complimentary Shot W/ Cover

Devotion Vodka Mixed Drink Specials All Night

DjNaughtyJ Upstairs Spinning The Top 40 Rock,Reggae and HipHop
45 Blunt Dj's Downstairs Playing The Bayareas Hottest Music

Guest Appearances: Jungo(pink dolphin clothing) Sleepy D, D Lo, Pody Mouf, Young Cee.. and More!

Come Hang Out With Savage Angels Modeling Team All Night..
Special Thanks To Devotion Vodka, Baldhead Productions, HD Photography, Pink Dolphin Clothing

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cancer takes this round

November 8, 2011: Today Sy made the trip to LPCH to meet with doctors and get the results from his kidney tests and then to prepare for round 12 of Chemo. But the doctors had other plans. Despite his lab work being good all week and appearing to bounce back stronger than ever from round 11 chemo. The test results didn't go like we wanted...Sy lost about a quarter of his kidney function and Doctors are afraid the next dose of chemo will kill his kidneys :( so for now round 12 is on hold . At some point next week Doctors will be extensive amount of testing including more kidney test ,scans and a echo of his heart and hope by then we find a chemo that will keep giving us the good results of the tumors shrinking! So cancer may have one this round, but Sy will keep fighting! In the meantime he is enjoying the fact that he doesn't have to have chemo this week. Please continue to help us spread awareness of children's cancer, HCC, and Sy's amazing fight with this horrible disease. #cancersucks #makesyastar

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shocking the World

Nov. 6, 2011: For the first time in about 5 rounds of chemo Sy has beat the odds and not needed a blood transfusion. Just when you think he should be at his weakest he continues to fight and defy the odds. With great lab results Sy prepares for round 12 of Chemo and we all expect another K.O.

Sy's story has spread all over the US., Canada, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, UK, Philippines, Mexico and India...but don't stop now. Please continue to work with us on making Sy famous and his story being heard around the world. So post the blog, become a follower on the blog, befriend Sy on facebook, follow TeamSy on facebook, and follow @officialteamsy on Twitter

Monday, October 31, 2011

Team Sy continues to Grow

Sy's fan club is growing each day thanks to the help of all of you. This last weekend Sy gained an college athletic department of fans at the Kick Ball for Cancer event. After proving he wasn't there for just his good looks by making the first catch kicked to him. He continued to amaze everyone with his kicks, baserunning and great defensive plays. It is not too late to donate toward Children's Cancer at: we are currently at about $3300 and growing. So thank you for all of the donations and a special thanks to everyone who made it to the event.

A friend of mine is running another Fundraiser for Team Sy...

What:FUNDRAISER FOR SY SHERMAN in the form of an ONLINE ONLY Scentsy party
When: Today until November 30th

A friend of mine, Rachel Sherman, who played softball for Santa Clara and is now the head softball coach at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco has a 9 year old nephew, Sy, who is battling cancer. He just completed his 11TH round of chemo. This form of cancer is extremely rare. This brave 9 year old is fighting like hell to beat it! (The survival rate is only like 5%) Sy's story can be found on his website here

I want to do what I can to help Sy and his family, especially before the holidays. I am holding a ONLINE only Scentsy party on my website With Christmas right around the corner you can hit two birds with one stone buy purchasing Scentsy gifts (CHECK OUT THE "COMBINE AND SAVE" SECTION) and also helping me to help Sy and his family. I am donating all of my commission from this sale to Sy and his family!!! So, I need your help to make this a meaningful donation.

Please help me, help Sy and his family with the costs of their medical bills, his parents travel to and from the hospital, and just general needs that their family may have during this time of need!

Go ahead and make whatever kind of purchase you can, so that I can donate my commission to his family. Click on the "TEAM SY" party and make your purchases there. This party will be available from NOW until NOVEMBER 30TH.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Press

Oct. 27, 2011: Sy's story continues to draw attention and hit the hearts of many. This morning Sy made it in the Salinas Californian again after meeting boxer Eloy Perez last night. Friday night Sy will be ringside for the flight cheering on his new hero in his own fight.

The Californian

Team Sy has yet another member. Rosie Landa the owner of Stella & Dot a, an Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Company, is a San Francisco based social selling company that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for women. Our boutique-style jewelry and accessories line is available exclusively through in-home Trunk Shows by Independent Stylists and online. Our one of a kind collections are designed by celebrated New York designers and featured in Gossip Girl, In Style and Lucky Magazine as well as on the wrists and necklines of today's hottest celebrities. The Today Show, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have praised Stella & Dot for our innovative social shopping concept which brings together the best of ecommerce, social media, personal service and passionate earning to create the ultimate home based business for today's modern woman.

From now until the end of the year Rosie will donate 90% of all her sales to the Sy Sherman Cancer Foundation!! Seems like this Christmas everyone should be getting jewelry! So all you need to do is help us spread the work and visit her site

So buy your bling from Rosie and support Team Sy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oct. 23, 2011: Sy was discharged from the hospital just in time to spend the day with Matt on his 35th birthday. Happy Birthday Brother, you are an amazing father!

Below is episode one of Lego Dies directed by Sy Sherman and edited by me :) Enjoy!

Friday, October 21, 2011

In the Ring

Oct. 21, 2011: Although Sy's chemo is over, his fight continues. Originally expected to be discharged today but God had another plan. He must like to see Sy fight. So with his Potassium and his Creatine levels up the doctors have decided to keep him another day until they get those back down. Raised Potassium and Creatine levels have to do with kidney function so you can see why this is important to keep in control. Although Sy is tired today, his spirit is still strong.

He is loving all the attention he is getting from everyone and loves the fame he is gaining. So help him become a star and spread his story around the world!

Professional Boxer Eloy Perez and Garcia Boxing have joined Team Sy and are dedicating Eloy's next fight to Sy on Oct. 28th in Salinas. Sy will be ringside and will get to watch someone else to fight for once. Eloy wants all of his fans to buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt and wear it to his next fight to show your support.

Griselda Ramirez from the Salinas Californian Newspaper will be running in the Wounded Warrior Dash Sat. Oct. 29th in honor of Sy. Griselda has already sold over 25 t-shirts and is collecting donations to help Sy's fight.

So join the fight, show your support, spread Sy's story and help us all beat the odds!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Round 11

Oct. 19, 2011: Last night Matt received a call telling him Sy's blood counts were good and they would actually like him to start Chemo earlier then scheduled while he is strong. So this morning Sy started Round 11 at El Camino Hospital and if everything goes according to plan he will be discharged on Friday. Lets hope this round is K.O. with Sy getting the belt!

Don't forget to support Sy's fight by buying a t-shirt or a bracelet or making a donation.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blood Sucker

Oct. 12, 2011: Sy's labs came back with low counts and was told he needed to get a blood transfusion. Nothing out of the ordinary at this point, so after going through one transfusion at Salinas Memorial Hospt. he spiked a fever and was transferred to LPCH at around 3am. After more labs and doctors not being satisfied with his counts LPCH decided he would need another transfusion. At this point I think Sy may be a vampire. He jokes about who's blood he is getting and what ethnicity they are in hopes of gaining some color. :) He is expected to be in the hospital until at least Thursday while his counts climb back up. His spirits are great, he is enjoying his new ipad, watching plenty of Disney and joking around like usual.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Back in the Ring

Oct. 3, 2011: Sy was just discharged from round 10 of Chemo. Sy went in on Friday once his counts were high enough to start another battle. Like usual Sy kicked this rounds butt, except for one small hic-up. At the conclusion of his chemo Sy had to stay 2 days because his kidney levels were off. Doctors wanted to be sure to get those under control and hydrate him before sending him home. Due to some subtle signs of the Doxorubicin effecting Sy's heart Matt and the Doctors decided it would be best to not risk it since there is no exact line to push it to. For round 11 Sy will not be on the Doxorubicin and will cut back to the Cisplatinum and he will continue to take his Sorafenib pill. Matt has spoke to several doctors and done lots of research and sadly this form of liver cancer is just too rare and there is not enough research out there to try anything different then the doctors at LPCH are already doing.

So with many prayers, lots of fight, determination and support, Sy continues to keep his spirits up and battle. I am witness when I say Sy's spirits and personality have not changed at all in 7 months, 10 rounds of chemo, numerous blood transfusions and many hospital stays. Sy is truly a super hero in my eyes and many others.

We <3 you Sy!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Help Support Sy!

Show your support and help spread the word and Sy's story by wearing a custom Team Sy/Cancer Sucks bracelet or t-shirt!

$10.00 for a bracelet
$20.00 for a t-shirt.
Please donate an extra $5.00 to cover any shipping for your t-shirt if needed.

Please email Matt at or Rachel at or you can leave it in a comment and specify if your donation is for a bracelet, a t-shirt or just for support. Be sure to let us know what size t-shirt you would like and your shipping address if needed.

Thank you for the support!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Read all about it!!

Sy's story made the front page of the Californian. Check it out:|newswell|text|News|p

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hit the Presses!

Sept. 25, 2011: Sy's story is hitting the presses and making news! Monday morning check out the the Salinas News Paper the Californian for an article about Sy. With your help, we hope for more people to read about Sy's fight. So please continue to repost and send the blog to your friends, celebrities, newspapers, news channels etc.

What better way to spread the word then to become a member of Team Sy by buying a bracelet or a t-shirt and representing our super hero!? Click on the tab above "Team Sy Needs You" to buy your Team Sy gear!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tough Choices

Sept. 20, 2011: We are asking everyone to share Sy's story with everyone they know. The more people who hear about his story and his fight the more support and prayers we can gather and the more attention HCC in children can get and hopefully one day no other child will have to suffer.

Sy is currently in the hospital after a fever spiking after a blood transplant. His fever is stable but they are expected to stay in Stanford until Friday when hopefully his counts get back up. I know lots of people have been anxious to hear Sy's scan results. The good news is the scans continue to show improvement and the tumors continue to shrink...the problem is the tumors are not shrinking quick enough. The body can only handle so much Chemo before other problems arise. The doctors have told Matt that he needs to start thinking about quality of life and/or pushing the limit with Chemo. The main problem with these two choice is that they both have the same results and neither is enough time to shrink the tumors enough to cure him. How do you make a decision like this? How do you decide which is the best option when neither has a good outcome? How do you stay strong when you look into the eyes of an amazing 9 year old who just wants to leave the hospital and be with his friends? Well, I can't answer these questions and over the next few days Matt has a very tough decision to make. Please continue to send prayers and pray for a miracle. Sy has amazed so many times in his short life, none of us are giving up on him and hoping for him to pull out one more surprise.

So do us a favor...take a minute to say a prayer, send a positive thought. And when you are done, look at the top of the page and hit the "SHARE" button. Send the blog and Sy's story out to your facebook friends, twitter followers and through everyone you know in an email.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spread the word

Please help spread the word by sharing the link to the blog to all your friends and family. Post Sy's story on your Facebook and twitter. Ask your friends to repost it, lets get up to thousands of followers on this blog. Let's let everyone know how amazing and strong Sy is! Tell his story, gather prayers and follow his fight. So pppppplease spread the word.

Sy actually ended up having his scans today and will have them read on Friday. Update to come, but in the mean time....spread the word!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


With now 9 rounds of Chemo under his belt, Sy is doing well. His spirits are high and his personality has not changed at all. His hospital stays are shorter and his monopoly reign continues. He has been going to school since the start of the school year only missing a few days here and there for low counts or Chemo. He is enjoying math and learning multiplication, which I think is only going to make him better at monopoly (no more cheating when you land on his property). :/
Oct. 3rd is a big day for Sy as he gets another round of scans done. These scans will help doctors determine what the next step is.  Hopefully everyone's prayers are answered and scans continue to show the tumors shrinking in his lungs and liver.

With continued doctors appts, lack of work and growing expenses every bit can help. Please support in any way you can; we still have Cancer Sucks/Team Sy bracelets or you can donate to the Sy Sherman Cancer Fund at any Wells Fargo Bank account 2681221061.

Thank you for the support and prayers! Don't stop believing.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Kick Ball for Cancer

Academy of Art University will be holding a Kick Ball tournament on Oct. 29th to raise money for Children's Cancer. Help us support a great cause by either playing in the tournament and collecting donations or donating to the softball team. Fingers crossed Sy will be feeling up to playing a game of kick ball and kicking everyone's butt on the 29th. To learn more about the event and to donate visit: 
Thank you for the support and keep those prayers coming. Sy has stayed
strong through 8 rounds of Chemo. We continue to pray for good scan 
results and you to do the same.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Round 8 then what?

August 8th 2011: Sy has now completed 7 rounds of chemo, a handful of blood transfusions and scans. The chemo is starting to wear on Sy.  His blood cell #s are slow to climb back up, he gets nauseous following chemo sessions, still losing weight and now his eye sight has been struggling because of low platelets. Although his body is taking longer to recover between chemo session Sy isn't letting it slow him down too much. He continues to joke around, play on Facebook (well Farmville) and play video games. Doctors have decided to take a serious look at his next set of scans before deciding what is next. Should they continue the chemo even though it is wearing on him? Should they give his body a break from the chemo? While doctors think of all the scenarios, we can't help to think what all this means...will the tumors start to grow again? Will he be eligible for surgery? Without answers...Sy's fingers are crossed that this is his last Chemo session because he hates the hospital and hates getting sick, the rest of the family hopes it is the last because it has worked or at least worked well enough to go onto another treatment. Please continue to pray and send your strength to Sy and the family.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Low counts but not down for the count

Despite low blood cell counts, low platelets and being in isolation Sy is still in good spirits. I'd like to think it was because I spent he last 2.5 days with him, but I think it's probably his new obsession with Facebook and farmville. So if you have it, hook his farm up and make his day. But on to the serious stuff...his temperature is back to normal, his blood cell counts are increasing thanks to another transfusion and isolation. This morning Sy received a platlette transfusion and his numbers are expected to increase more by tomorrow. If all goes well there is a good chance Sy will be back home tomorrow evening. He will them get to be home for the weekend before returning for round 6 of chemotherapy. So keep him in your thoughts, prayers and facebooks. :)

Don't forget about the Cancer Sucks/ Team Sy bracelets. All proceeds go to helping Sy fight this battle.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bump in the road

With 6 rounds under his belt, chemo is doing it's job and Sy is staying strong. Masses continue to shrink or stay the same which is great news. Despite all the great news and Sy's amazing strength he still hits some bumps along the way. On Friday Sy got his second blood transfusion which was needed because his counts were low. He also had a 102 fever which as more then enough for Salinas Memorial to admit Sy and transfer her by ambulance back to LCPH. His fever has dropped and is on antibiotics for a small infection. Doctors want to keep him undress observation until his counts get back up, infection clear and fever completely gone. They expect this to take a few days but hopefully not longer than that since he has to be back on Friday for more scans and round 7 starts Next Monday. In the mean time Sy is doing well, watching cartoons and his nurses let him give himself his medicine which continues to amaze me. Please keep sending positive thoughts and prayers, we also still have bracelets if you'd like to help support Sy.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Round 5 gets the smack down

June 6, 2011: Friday afternoon Sy checked into LCPH and started Round 5 at around 11pm. Sy is so strong, Chemo barely phases him now. With round 5 under his belt, Sy was discharged Sunday afternoon making for a very short stay at LCPH.

We all want to send a big thank you out to Pizza Factory in Salinas, CA. Thanks to their support and everyone's friends and family Team Sy raised over $2600.00. Thank you to everyone who came out, bought pizza, bought baked goods and donated!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Play Ball

May 25, 2011: This last Saturday Sy was chosen at the "play ball kid" at the SF Giants game. Before the game Sy and family got to stand on the field before Sy kicked off the game by saying "lets play ball". He did a great job! Chemo has been doing its job and each round seems to get easier for Sy. With his liver tumor 20% smaller he continues to amaze everyone with his fight. He still has a long fight ahead of him but at least he is leading the charge. Round 5 of Chemo is scheduled to start June 3.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Help Team Sy

ATTENTION all Team Sy supporters, family and friends, There will be a fundraising night at Pizza Factory Co. on South Main St. in Salinas, CA on May 26th. Half of the proceeds will go to Sy's fight. So if you are in the area or can make a special trip please stop by! Help us spread the word. Thank you for the support!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Updates, updates, updates...

May 10, 2011: Friday afternoon Sy was complaining of a tooth ache while at school, so when the school called Matt he immediately went to get him. Matt saw an abscess on his gums and took him to Salinas Memorial Hospital. He was later transferred that night back to LCPH where they drained the abscess and removed 2 teeth. He also had an infection in his port which they cleaned up and then removed his port. So after an unexpected surgery, Sy has 2 fewer teeth and spent 4 days in the hospital before getting discharged Monday night with more meds. They will return Thursday to have his most recent scans read before starting round 4 of chemo on Friday.

With chemo starting Friday Sy, Matt and Veronica will not be walking in the Cure Search for Children's Cancer walk on Saturday May 14. But if you still want to raise money for Children's Cancer you can donate in Sy's name and to his team (Sy's Stormtroopers). 

We ordered more bracelets so be sure to get yours before this batch runs out. We are asking for a minimum of $10.00 per bracelet. Show your support for Sy's fight by wearing a Team Sy/ Cancer Sucks Bracelet. If you want one you can deposit the money into Sy Matthew Sherman Cancer Fund at any Wells Fargo. Account # 2681221061 and then let Matt or myself know you deposited money and we'll get them sent out to you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TKO...The Champ continues his reign

April 27, 2011: Once they started Sy's Chemo he proved it won't knock him down. He seems to be getting stronger each round. With no vomiting and a positive attitude Sy was out of the hospital almost as quickly as the Chemo ended. If it weren't for an Easter egg hunt at LCPH he probably would have left even sooner, but instead waited till after the hunt to head home on Saturday afternoon.

Now lets get to the real good news (WARNING TEARS OF JOY MAY OCCUR). As you know Sy has multiple tumors in his lungs which is why he is not eligible for a liver transplant. So the main reason for Chemo is to shrink and get rid of the tumors in his lungs. Well...latest scans say...masses appear slightly decreased in size and number relative to prior study (AKA Chemo is working!!!!!) For example one mass has decreased from 14.3 mm to 12.9 another one has shrank from 21.4 to 17.6!

This is a blessing and the start of more good results...keep the prayers coming

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Round 3 continues

April 20, 2011: Since April 14th Sy has been at LCPH waiting for round 3 of Chemo to start. Doctors got Sy on some antibiotics and kept a close eye on him and his rash. Sy had some good days with a few kf his normal outbursts. Days were full of movies, board games, egg decorating and some school. Highlights if his good days are definitely him crank calling me as Mario, laughing at lady bugs on the roof of the hospital, eating pizza and watching Despicable Me. It was so great to hear him laugh and enjoying the company. Now with the infection/rash under control Sy will be starting round 3 tomorrow. May tomorrow go smoothly for him and my brother through another tough round of this fight.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Round 3

April 14, 2011: two days ago Sy arrived at LCPH to start round three of chemo but was sent home shortly after they arrived. Sy got an infection on his port area so he was sent home with another prescription to clear up the infection before starting round 3. That brings us to today...after waiting in the oncology waiting room for 2 hours Sy was taken in. His spirits are up and hopes are high for a smooth round 3.

If you are interested in buying a bracelet that says "Team Sy" on one side and "Cancer Sucks" on the other please let Matt or I know. bracelets are 10.00 each and proceeds go to Sy Matthew Sherman Cancer Fund.

Thank you for the support and prayers.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Days go on...

 April 7, 2011: Despite Sy's hair almost being all gone...his days are good for the majority. Doctors got his last lab results back and say things look good! His ammonia is the lowest it has been since they discovered the high levels (24). It appears the new drugs are working, so the pain is worth it in the end. He has asked to return to school so Matt was able to convince the school district to allow him to return April 26th. Sy will now be attending his favorite school with all his friends. Sure he may not be there every day depending on how he feels but every day he does get to go I am sure he will be happier. Sy's little league was nice enough raise some money for him and will be presenting him with a check on Saturday at Opening Ceremonies. Sy returns for round 3 of Chemo on April 12th.

If you want to donate remember you can go to any Wells Fargo and tell them you want to donate to a special funds account (Sy Matthew Sherman Cancer Fund) if they cannot find it tell them to search under Matthew H. Sherman.

Thank you for all the prayers and positive thoughts...keep them coming!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day by day

March 28, 2011: Sy has been back home since Saturday evening. Things haven't been the smoothest but everyone is staying strong and holding it together. Originally the plan was for Sy to be discharged but because of low magnesium levels and not tolerating his medications they kept Sy for an extra day. Now he is home but the medication continues and so does the nausea. Sy is now on an oral chemo drug called Sorahfanib, which he takes daily. With rubber gloves and masks on Matt and Veronica give Sy medication that in the end is supposed to make him better but in the mean time makes him sick. So far side effects are minimal, red palms and feet, no burns or sores yet. His hair is really thin and has a Today he was throwing up a lot, so much that his ng tube came out. Good news is, Sy let a nurse come to the house to put the tube back in instead of having to go back to Stanford. On Thursday Sy will return to Stanford for an oncology appt and physical before retiring for round 3 of the fight on April 12.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Round 2 day 2

March 24, 2011: day one couldn't have gone any smoother. Day 2 wasn't amazing but compared to round 1 Sy is whooping Cancer's butt. Today he didn't leave his room but he had only thrown up 4 times as of 4:30 pm. He wasn't talking much but he was walking around the room and just overall better then round 1. So proud of my little fighter.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The champ is here!

March 23, 2011: so yesterday we got some great news. Sy continues to amaze the doctors and proves he is in for the whole fight. Scans came back and Dr's say the main tumor in his liver has shrunk and the tumors in his lungs have not gotten any bigger! They decided to add 3rd chemo drug to the mix, which has shown results in adults with HCC. The bad part is this drug has worse side effects that can cause painful burns, rashes and sores but Sy has once again proved he us winning round 2 of this fight. Chemo started last night and he had a great day today. No nausea, walked around the hospital, went to the play room several times, kicked ass and took names in monopoly and was on a good mood almost all day (until I forgot the BBQ sauce and ketchup for dinner) ugh! Hopefully just one more day in the hospital and then back home to Salinas.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another day of waiting

March 22, 2011: Sunday morning Sy woke up another year older and noticed his hair falling out. We all new this day was coming, but had to wait and hope it would take longer. How do you explain to a 9 year old that he is going to lose his hair and why? Well Matt was given the burden of explaining to his only son why. Matt said it was very tough as is expected but on e again he found the strength to tell Sy.
Due to bad weather we postponed the AT&T tour till later date. So instead Sy stayed home and celebrated his birthday with Matt and Veronica's family and building his new Deathstar Lego.
Last Friday, They ventured back to the hospital to get tests done before round 2 of chemo. But once again things did not go as planned. After getting an echo test done they waited for hours for a CT scan and an MRI. After waiting several hours they were told to to home because hey weren't going to get to the tests and they would need to return on Monday. So after checking in Monday morning and not allowing Sy to eat again...they waited...and waited. Once again they were sent home with no tests done and told to return again on Tuesday. Luckily they were given a local hotel room and did not have to drive all the way home to Salinas. This brings us to today; scans are being dine right now and they have an appt at 2pm to read the scans. We all prey each day for our Miracle and are thankful for every day we have had with Sy and for every day in the future that God gives us with him. When times are tough and I find myself struggling with my own faith my friend's mom read a prayer from Joshua 1:9 that gave her strength through her grandson's struggle through cancer; have I not commanded? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged; for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Please keep the prayers coming and don't forget if you want to help you can visit any Wells Fargo and donate into the special account set up "Sy Matthew Sheeman Cancer Fund."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Becoming a 9 yr old Jedi

March 20, 2011: Happy Birthday to the strongest kid I know. Today Sy turned 9 years old but not before a family and friend filled Saturday. Yesterday at 2:00pm Sy was baptised at St. Catherines church in Morgan Hill. He did a great job and looked slick in his outfit (provided by his uncle Frank-Godfather). After the baptism we all headed over to Grange Hall to celebrate his birthday with even more family and friends. The place was packed with people and presents. The day included a show from a "mad scientists" a balloon guy, tacos, cake, lots of presents and best of all....Jedi Training for Sy. The smile on his face when this guy showed up was priceless. To end it all he got his own custom lightsaber after successfully training and beating the bad guy in a duel.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy days ahead

March 17, 2011: home for a week and just when things get settled, it is time for things to get going again. Tomorrow Sy has an appt at Luciele Packard for a CT scan and MRI. Scans won't be read until Tuesday and I'm sure the days between will be tough waiting and hoping for a positive change, but thankfully the weekend is full of celebrations. Saturday Sy will be baptized in front of his family and friends. I could be happier to get the honor of being his godmother. Following the baptism Sy's mom's side if the family have arranged a big birthday party to celebrate his 9th birthday. Lots of family and friends will be around to celebrate the day Star Wars style! Sunday, Sy gets a real special treat. A friend of mine was abele to set up a special tour of At&t Park (sf giants) for his bday. I'm pretty sure Matt is just as excited though. With a day to rest, Sy then returns for round 2 of chemo on the 22nd. Please keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming. Share the blog with everyone And thank you to everyone who has been here for all of us through this tough time and to those who have donated to the Sy Matthew Sherman Cancer Fund.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home sweet home

So Sy has been home for several days and Matt and Veronica are settling back in and getting into the daily routine and meds. Yesterday they drove out to SF so Sy could throw out the first pitch at the Academy of Art University Softball game for the 2nd Annual Swing for a Cause game where we raised money for UCSF Children's Hospital. At first, Sy wasn't feeling well and didn't want to walk out onto the field to throw the pitch, but thankfully something or someone changed his mind. They announced his name and he threw the ball to me while everyone cheered and was able to see first hand what an amazing kid he is.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mr. Monopoly passes go and heads home

March 10, 2011: After nearly three weeks in the hospital Sy got to head home, but not until her wooped some butt in Monopoly. He ran away with the game, owning nearly every property (and we weren't letting him win). I was so proud watching him play and couldn't have been happier seeing him smile and enjoy himself. Matt and Veronica had to meet with the nutritionist and nurses to learn how to use the feed tube etc. It sounded like a lot of information to take in and I am sure they felt overwhelmed with it all but I know they are on top of it. I am sure everyone is very excited to be home and back in their normal environment. Although it is only for about 2 weeks, I am sure it will be very refreshing and they are all happy to be around their friends (especially Sy). So keep the prayers coming while Sy continues his fight from home until round 2 of Chemo on the 22nd. Thank you again for all of the positive thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Suck it cancer! Round one goes to Sy

March 9, 2011: in the hospital for two weeks and Sy comes out in top. Yesterday Sy went to the play room for 2 hours (longest he has been out of his room since being admitted). After playing some Monopoly, life and with the trains Sy headed back to his room. At 1am Sy held Veronica's hand while trying to go to sleep and asked her, "Vero how do I pray to God?" Through this tough time we all find ourselves asking for help and praying for Sy or asking what we can do to change the circumstances, but when an 8 old asks can't help by cry (At least I did). So Vero told him and together they prayed.
Today, Sy had a great day! He went to school at the hospital for a few hours then came back for lunch and then returned for more school. This was so great to hear! Sy is feeling better getting up and around on his own proving he is the champ in this fight. Then Matt and Vero got the word, they get to go home tomorrow! Sy will get to celebrate his birthday with his friends and family before returning to Lucile Packard for round 2 of chemotherapy. This Saturday Sy will also be throwing out the first pitch at the Academy of Art University Softball game where we will be holding our annual Swing For A Cause game and raising money for Childrens Cancer. So come on out, cheer Sy on and help us raise some money. Don't forget you can also make donations directly to Sy at any Wells Fargo. thank you for the prayers, keep them coming because this fight is not over.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How can you help?

As Sy's fight continues we are going to face many obstacles and every bit will help. There are several ways you can help out.
  • Visit any Wells Fargo and make a donation to Sy Matthew Sherman Cancer Fund.
  • Visit then go to donate and put in Sy us raise money for cancer research and join us for the San Francisco May 14th walk.
  • Bring dinner to Matt, Veronica and Sy for any nights they are at the hospital.
  • Have someone clean their house for when Sy comes home so he has a clean environment.
  • Send your prayers and positive thoughts.
Sy's birthday is also less then 2 weeks away and we want to make it a great one so anything you can do to make it a memorable 9th birthday for him would be amazing!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank you antibiotics!

March 6, 2011: The past few days have been great. Thanks to some antibiotics the Doctors and nurses have been able to get Sy's ammonia levels down to 51! Yesterday he was sitting up, eating ice cream and even got out of bed to sit a little for a little while on the couch. Today Sy had more of course but his best friend Junior from school and his family came to visit. Junior brought Sy some pictures and letters from his friend's at school and they played some checkers and laughed. The hospital also got a visit from Build-A-Bear. Sy was able to walk down the hall way to a room where he got to pick out a bear and pick an outfit out for him. His bear was black with guitars on him and a green mohawk. (I would have picked the same on). This bear was extra cool, you could plug your ipod into it and there is a speaker in his foot. He then picked a football outfit out for him...which was fitting considering his next visitor was former 49er Jamie Williams. They chatted a little bit about Indiana Jones, Disneyland and Spiderman. As soon as the hospital can figure out exactly what it is going to take to keep Sy's ammonia levels in control he should get to go home for a few weeks before he returns for round 2 of chemo. Fingers crossed he gets to go home soon, his birthday is in 14 days and we plan on doing it up big!

The last few days have been very nice and I am looking forward to many more nice days with my amazing nephew.

Friday, March 4, 2011

It is darkest before the dawn

March 4, 2011: yesterday was bad...and today has been a 180. Doctors were able to get his ammonia level from 175 to 71 and made the biggest difference. He is no longer yelling at everyone and scaring the nurses. As we (matt, veronica, auntie jill, uncle chris and myself) sit here we watch sponge bob and eat chicken nuggets. We are rehatching stories about driving in freeways, Mario crank calling me and family guy episodes. Doctors continue to be amazed with Sy, as am I. He has been a medical mystery already by being in the 1% of kids who get HCC and 1 of 2 kids in the world to have the metabolic deficiency and he is going to be one of the few to beat this! On his second order of nuggets and spaghetti on the way he is gaining strength and ready to continue the fight. I love this kid so much! And days like this make me remember why that is.

Day 11 over all= roughest day

March 3, 2011. First time in 11 days I wasn't at the hospital. Don't know which is harder...being there or being away. Matt said it was a really bad night and bad day. Sy's ammonia levels are off the chart which means his liver isn't converting it. So they are trying to get that down but in the process had to calm Sy down. Right now Sy is spending too much energy fighting the Drs and nurses and needs to fight the cancer. If only he understood how important this is.
      Doctors came in and told Matt they know what caused the HCC. Apparently he has a metobolic disorder (found in only one other child in the world). Sy was referred to as a medical mystery. Doctors are still confused and baffled how Sy is still functioning- ammonia levels this high should have put him in a coma and his liver is still functioning otherwise but the body isn't breaking down enzymes correctly and the ammonia is left in the Matt's words, "I hate science."
      All this tells me is his body is fighting and giving the doctors plenty of time to figure out this "medical mystery!" So hurry up and get my super hero home! CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2

March 2, 2011. As I sit in Sy's room my heart continues to break.  He sleeps on and off waking up scared. Poor guy is scared of the medicine and the doctors, I don't blame him. Round one of chemo is over and now a huge bag of saline hangs on "Betty" to rehydrate him. The chemo in his system is still making him throw up but he manages to fall back asleep between.
     Matt, Veronica and I sit here listening to one of Sy's favorite songs "Hey there Delila" and talking about all the funny things Sy has said. Just the other day, Matt was asking Sy if he wanted to shave his head and Sy's response was classic, "What if it doesn't grow back like Uncle Brian's?" When Sy asked Matt what was in his stomach it turned into a video game discussion. When all said and done, Sy is Mario, Matt is Luigi, Veronica is Princess and the tumor is a mushroom. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sy showing off his moves a few years ago

Day 1

March 1, 2011 Sy started his chemo at 6am today. He has been able to sleep through most of it until those dang nurses come in to take his vitals. He has scared one of his nurses away from fighting him, so hopefully he is fighting the cancer as much as he is fighting the nurses. So far the chemo hasn't effected him too much. He did throw up today but at the same time he has also gotten himself up and out of bed and walked to the bathroom several times. This may seem like routine, but if you had seen Sy all week, he did everything he could to stay in bed. And when he did get out of it, he made Matt pick him up and use a wheel chair to take him around the hospital. So you can see this is BIG. I know he wants to get better and get home to his family and friends. Sy's chemo will go for 24 hours (2 drugs) then hopefully be home next week.

Feb. 28th

Last pathology report came in at about 6pm. Doctors are now 100% sure it is HCC. Scary enough there was a worse option. So now since they are sure what we are working against here, the battle begins. Sy needs to be completely hydrated before each chemo session so it didn't look like he was gonna get started till after midnight. With a long night ahead of him he was able to rest most of the day. I cannot imagine what Sy is thinking or feeling. Our family is so scared. The amount of feelings and different emotions one person can feel in a matter of 5 days is outrageous! My brother Matt has been amazing through this, holding it together in front of Sy to keep him from being scared. My dad referred to Sy as MR 5% today, I think it is fitting, because that's exactly what he is, he will be in the 5%, he will get better and be even stronger when this is all over.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The fight begins

Monday February 28th, 2011 12:30pm. Sy started his day with some baseline tests before starting chemo. At about 10:30am he went in for his Echo and then a hearing test. Last pathology result still not in so we find ourselves waiting again for Sy's fight to start. He has a lot of family and friends in his corner ready to kick some ass and help him beat the odds and win this fight.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Start of the fight- Round One

On Monday February 21st, 2011 Sy was taken to Salinas Memorial Hospital because of intense stomach pains. While there they did a CT scan and blood tests. His liver enzymes were abnormal and Dr's admitted him immediately. By 5pm Sy was transferred to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. We were told he has cancer but at that point they were not sure of what kind or the extent of it. They reviewed the CT scan and a tumor was seen in his liver (3/4 of it) and had appeared to spread into his lungs. At this point we were just anxiously sitting and waiting for a biopsy to be done. With a ton of family and friends sitting at the hospital we had nothing to do but sit, pray and hope for the best.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 the biopsy was supposed to happen and then that got pushed back till Wednesday.

Wednesday February 23, 2011 at about 1:30pm Sy went in for a biopsy on his liver and to have a port put into his chest for Chemo when needed. Surgery took about 2 hours. Now the real waiting began. We were originally told 3-7 days for results, then told one day, which turned into two days.

Friday February 25th, 2011 then rolled around and most of the results were in. Dr's told Matt that they were 90% sure it is HCC; hepatocellular carcinoma . I don't want to get to into this but is an extremely rare form of liver cancer found usually in adults.  Children have less then a 1% chance of getting HCC. Without the last pathology result in, we found ourselves waiting more. They did another CT scan this time for the chest.

Saturday February 26th, 2011 CT scan results were in. What they found was devastating. Sy has 15 golf ball size tumors in his lungs along with roughly 15 other smaller tumors. Considering the extent of the tumors in his lungs you would have no idea if you saw him. He has never complained about breathing difficulties and still doesn't. Sy is absolutely amazing and so strong.With his family around him he was happy, left his room went for a stroll around the hospital, built some legos and was finally smiling.

Sunday February 27th, 2011 Another good day for Sy. Little family members came again to cheer him up. At 3pm a Dr. Edinger made herself available to the family to explain what was next and answer any questions we may have. Once again I don't want to get too can do the research but needless to say it is going to be an extremely tough fight. But if you know Sy, he has no problem giving anyone a fight. The plan is to start chemo on Monday as soon as the last pathology report comes in. Then he will have chemo on Tuesday, stay in the hospital for the week so they can observe how he reacts to it and monitor him. Then hopefully by the end of the week he will get to return home for 28 days before returning for round 2.