Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Low counts but not down for the count

Despite low blood cell counts, low platelets and being in isolation Sy is still in good spirits. I'd like to think it was because I spent he last 2.5 days with him, but I think it's probably his new obsession with Facebook and farmville. So if you have it, hook his farm up and make his day. But on to the serious stuff...his temperature is back to normal, his blood cell counts are increasing thanks to another transfusion and isolation. This morning Sy received a platlette transfusion and his numbers are expected to increase more by tomorrow. If all goes well there is a good chance Sy will be back home tomorrow evening. He will them get to be home for the weekend before returning for round 6 of chemotherapy. So keep him in your thoughts, prayers and facebooks. :)

Don't forget about the Cancer Sucks/ Team Sy bracelets. All proceeds go to helping Sy fight this battle.

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