Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank you antibiotics!

March 6, 2011: The past few days have been great. Thanks to some antibiotics the Doctors and nurses have been able to get Sy's ammonia levels down to 51! Yesterday he was sitting up, eating ice cream and even got out of bed to sit a little for a little while on the couch. Today Sy had more of course but his best friend Junior from school and his family came to visit. Junior brought Sy some pictures and letters from his friend's at school and they played some checkers and laughed. The hospital also got a visit from Build-A-Bear. Sy was able to walk down the hall way to a room where he got to pick out a bear and pick an outfit out for him. His bear was black with guitars on him and a green mohawk. (I would have picked the same on). This bear was extra cool, you could plug your ipod into it and there is a speaker in his foot. He then picked a football outfit out for him...which was fitting considering his next visitor was former 49er Jamie Williams. They chatted a little bit about Indiana Jones, Disneyland and Spiderman. As soon as the hospital can figure out exactly what it is going to take to keep Sy's ammonia levels in control he should get to go home for a few weeks before he returns for round 2 of chemo. Fingers crossed he gets to go home soon, his birthday is in 14 days and we plan on doing it up big!

The last few days have been very nice and I am looking forward to many more nice days with my amazing nephew.


  1. Wow, what a great day for a special little guy. Keep up the great work Sy!

  2. Sy, what an amazing little boy! Nisa shared your story on FB and as I was praying for you, I got an overwhelming sense of strength and victory!! You are an overcomer, a true soldier! We are releasing a flow of healing to you that will surround your entire being, He who sits on the throne says "behold I am making all things new!" His joy is a deep root within your spirit and that is where you draw your strength from! What a sweet gift you are. Thank you Jesus for Sy's 100% total healing! Thank you Jesus for his encouraging, life changing testimony! AMEN & AMEN!!

  3. hello my name is jim serrano, and i attend calvary chapel los banos and we been praying for sy and the whole family at our prayer time on sundays and at our own prayer time and we will not stop. GOD BLESS SY AND THE WHOLE FAMILY.