Sunday, September 11, 2011


With now 9 rounds of Chemo under his belt, Sy is doing well. His spirits are high and his personality has not changed at all. His hospital stays are shorter and his monopoly reign continues. He has been going to school since the start of the school year only missing a few days here and there for low counts or Chemo. He is enjoying math and learning multiplication, which I think is only going to make him better at monopoly (no more cheating when you land on his property). :/
Oct. 3rd is a big day for Sy as he gets another round of scans done. These scans will help doctors determine what the next step is.  Hopefully everyone's prayers are answered and scans continue to show the tumors shrinking in his lungs and liver.

With continued doctors appts, lack of work and growing expenses every bit can help. Please support in any way you can; we still have Cancer Sucks/Team Sy bracelets or you can donate to the Sy Sherman Cancer Fund at any Wells Fargo Bank account 2681221061.

Thank you for the support and prayers! Don't stop believing.

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