Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mr. Monopoly passes go and heads home

March 10, 2011: After nearly three weeks in the hospital Sy got to head home, but not until her wooped some butt in Monopoly. He ran away with the game, owning nearly every property (and we weren't letting him win). I was so proud watching him play and couldn't have been happier seeing him smile and enjoy himself. Matt and Veronica had to meet with the nutritionist and nurses to learn how to use the feed tube etc. It sounded like a lot of information to take in and I am sure they felt overwhelmed with it all but I know they are on top of it. I am sure everyone is very excited to be home and back in their normal environment. Although it is only for about 2 weeks, I am sure it will be very refreshing and they are all happy to be around their friends (especially Sy). So keep the prayers coming while Sy continues his fight from home until round 2 of Chemo on the 22nd. Thank you again for all of the positive thoughts and prayers.

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