Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1

March 1, 2011 Sy started his chemo at 6am today. He has been able to sleep through most of it until those dang nurses come in to take his vitals. He has scared one of his nurses away from fighting him, so hopefully he is fighting the cancer as much as he is fighting the nurses. So far the chemo hasn't effected him too much. He did throw up today but at the same time he has also gotten himself up and out of bed and walked to the bathroom several times. This may seem like routine, but if you had seen Sy all week, he did everything he could to stay in bed. And when he did get out of it, he made Matt pick him up and use a wheel chair to take him around the hospital. So you can see this is BIG. I know he wants to get better and get home to his family and friends. Sy's chemo will go for 24 hours (2 drugs) then hopefully be home next week.

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