Thursday, April 7, 2011

Days go on...

 April 7, 2011: Despite Sy's hair almost being all gone...his days are good for the majority. Doctors got his last lab results back and say things look good! His ammonia is the lowest it has been since they discovered the high levels (24). It appears the new drugs are working, so the pain is worth it in the end. He has asked to return to school so Matt was able to convince the school district to allow him to return April 26th. Sy will now be attending his favorite school with all his friends. Sure he may not be there every day depending on how he feels but every day he does get to go I am sure he will be happier. Sy's little league was nice enough raise some money for him and will be presenting him with a check on Saturday at Opening Ceremonies. Sy returns for round 3 of Chemo on April 12th.

If you want to donate remember you can go to any Wells Fargo and tell them you want to donate to a special funds account (Sy Matthew Sherman Cancer Fund) if they cannot find it tell them to search under Matthew H. Sherman.

Thank you for all the prayers and positive thoughts...keep them coming!


  1. Just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and donations and everyones Suport especially my family and my sister who is strong enough to write this blog for everyone to read I know this is hard to write juat as hard to read and a big special thanx to Veronica my gf who has been by my side and sy's side everymoment

  2. Stay strong little "BIG" man!!! It takes more than one person to battle this and you have a great team beside you!!! Please be well as you and your family in our prayers!