Friday, October 21, 2011

In the Ring

Oct. 21, 2011: Although Sy's chemo is over, his fight continues. Originally expected to be discharged today but God had another plan. He must like to see Sy fight. So with his Potassium and his Creatine levels up the doctors have decided to keep him another day until they get those back down. Raised Potassium and Creatine levels have to do with kidney function so you can see why this is important to keep in control. Although Sy is tired today, his spirit is still strong.

He is loving all the attention he is getting from everyone and loves the fame he is gaining. So help him become a star and spread his story around the world!

Professional Boxer Eloy Perez and Garcia Boxing have joined Team Sy and are dedicating Eloy's next fight to Sy on Oct. 28th in Salinas. Sy will be ringside and will get to watch someone else to fight for once. Eloy wants all of his fans to buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt and wear it to his next fight to show your support.

Griselda Ramirez from the Salinas Californian Newspaper will be running in the Wounded Warrior Dash Sat. Oct. 29th in honor of Sy. Griselda has already sold over 25 t-shirts and is collecting donations to help Sy's fight.

So join the fight, show your support, spread Sy's story and help us all beat the odds!

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