Sunday, February 27, 2011

Start of the fight- Round One

On Monday February 21st, 2011 Sy was taken to Salinas Memorial Hospital because of intense stomach pains. While there they did a CT scan and blood tests. His liver enzymes were abnormal and Dr's admitted him immediately. By 5pm Sy was transferred to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. We were told he has cancer but at that point they were not sure of what kind or the extent of it. They reviewed the CT scan and a tumor was seen in his liver (3/4 of it) and had appeared to spread into his lungs. At this point we were just anxiously sitting and waiting for a biopsy to be done. With a ton of family and friends sitting at the hospital we had nothing to do but sit, pray and hope for the best.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 the biopsy was supposed to happen and then that got pushed back till Wednesday.

Wednesday February 23, 2011 at about 1:30pm Sy went in for a biopsy on his liver and to have a port put into his chest for Chemo when needed. Surgery took about 2 hours. Now the real waiting began. We were originally told 3-7 days for results, then told one day, which turned into two days.

Friday February 25th, 2011 then rolled around and most of the results were in. Dr's told Matt that they were 90% sure it is HCC; hepatocellular carcinoma . I don't want to get to into this but is an extremely rare form of liver cancer found usually in adults.  Children have less then a 1% chance of getting HCC. Without the last pathology result in, we found ourselves waiting more. They did another CT scan this time for the chest.

Saturday February 26th, 2011 CT scan results were in. What they found was devastating. Sy has 15 golf ball size tumors in his lungs along with roughly 15 other smaller tumors. Considering the extent of the tumors in his lungs you would have no idea if you saw him. He has never complained about breathing difficulties and still doesn't. Sy is absolutely amazing and so strong.With his family around him he was happy, left his room went for a stroll around the hospital, built some legos and was finally smiling.

Sunday February 27th, 2011 Another good day for Sy. Little family members came again to cheer him up. At 3pm a Dr. Edinger made herself available to the family to explain what was next and answer any questions we may have. Once again I don't want to get too can do the research but needless to say it is going to be an extremely tough fight. But if you know Sy, he has no problem giving anyone a fight. The plan is to start chemo on Monday as soon as the last pathology report comes in. Then he will have chemo on Tuesday, stay in the hospital for the week so they can observe how he reacts to it and monitor him. Then hopefully by the end of the week he will get to return home for 28 days before returning for round 2.

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