Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2

March 2, 2011. As I sit in Sy's room my heart continues to break.  He sleeps on and off waking up scared. Poor guy is scared of the medicine and the doctors, I don't blame him. Round one of chemo is over and now a huge bag of saline hangs on "Betty" to rehydrate him. The chemo in his system is still making him throw up but he manages to fall back asleep between.
     Matt, Veronica and I sit here listening to one of Sy's favorite songs "Hey there Delila" and talking about all the funny things Sy has said. Just the other day, Matt was asking Sy if he wanted to shave his head and Sy's response was classic, "What if it doesn't grow back like Uncle Brian's?" When Sy asked Matt what was in his stomach it turned into a video game discussion. When all said and done, Sy is Mario, Matt is Luigi, Veronica is Princess and the tumor is a mushroom. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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