Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cancer takes this round

November 8, 2011: Today Sy made the trip to LPCH to meet with doctors and get the results from his kidney tests and then to prepare for round 12 of Chemo. But the doctors had other plans. Despite his lab work being good all week and appearing to bounce back stronger than ever from round 11 chemo. The test results didn't go like we wanted...Sy lost about a quarter of his kidney function and Doctors are afraid the next dose of chemo will kill his kidneys :( so for now round 12 is on hold . At some point next week Doctors will be extensive amount of testing including more kidney test ,scans and a echo of his heart and hope by then we find a chemo that will keep giving us the good results of the tumors shrinking! So cancer may have one this round, but Sy will keep fighting! In the meantime he is enjoying the fact that he doesn't have to have chemo this week. Please continue to help us spread awareness of children's cancer, HCC, and Sy's amazing fight with this horrible disease. #cancersucks #makesyastar

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