Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TKO...The Champ continues his reign

April 27, 2011: Once they started Sy's Chemo he proved it won't knock him down. He seems to be getting stronger each round. With no vomiting and a positive attitude Sy was out of the hospital almost as quickly as the Chemo ended. If it weren't for an Easter egg hunt at LCPH he probably would have left even sooner, but instead waited till after the hunt to head home on Saturday afternoon.

Now lets get to the real good news (WARNING TEARS OF JOY MAY OCCUR). As you know Sy has multiple tumors in his lungs which is why he is not eligible for a liver transplant. So the main reason for Chemo is to shrink and get rid of the tumors in his lungs. Well...latest scans say...masses appear slightly decreased in size and number relative to prior study (AKA Chemo is working!!!!!) For example one mass has decreased from 14.3 mm to 12.9 another one has shrank from 21.4 to 17.6!

This is a blessing and the start of more good results...keep the prayers coming


  1. Thanks for the updates!! He is a strong little stud! Thinking of you all.

  2. Hello...I know u don't know me but i am a good friend/coworker of Christina Victorine. She told me about his story and it broke my heart. I enjoyed reading all the follow ups and plan to follow his story. I have also started to help by spreading the word out to other friends i know and also on my facebook about Sy's story. I would like to help in any way possible. A good friend of mine lost her dad to cancer and she is willing to help me to help you all too. Our prayers go out to Sy and his family. I have also spoken with an owner from Aarons Sales & Lease and am trying to get them to make a donation to Sy. Hope he is doing well and he is in our hearts. God Bless!!!

    Christina Ramirez

  3. Awe thank u Christina