Friday, March 4, 2011

It is darkest before the dawn

March 4, 2011: yesterday was bad...and today has been a 180. Doctors were able to get his ammonia level from 175 to 71 and made the biggest difference. He is no longer yelling at everyone and scaring the nurses. As we (matt, veronica, auntie jill, uncle chris and myself) sit here we watch sponge bob and eat chicken nuggets. We are rehatching stories about driving in freeways, Mario crank calling me and family guy episodes. Doctors continue to be amazed with Sy, as am I. He has been a medical mystery already by being in the 1% of kids who get HCC and 1 of 2 kids in the world to have the metabolic deficiency and he is going to be one of the few to beat this! On his second order of nuggets and spaghetti on the way he is gaining strength and ready to continue the fight. I love this kid so much! And days like this make me remember why that is.

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