Thursday, March 22, 2012

A day of many meanings

On March 20th 2002 Sy was born and became such a big part of so many of our lives. I know for Matt and myself our lives were forever changed and each day was so much brighter with that smile. 10 years later on that same day when we all should have been celebrating another year older for Sy we found ourselves devastated and holding onto every memory of the last 10 years and not knowing what the next few months bring. Sy went to LPCH for another routine scan reading, everyone with high hopes of good news like the last appointment only to be crushed.

From Matt: "so everyone has been asking of Sy's results and honestly I don't have the strength to tell each and everyone separately. Drs. Told us next few months are going to get bad. Sy's main tumor in the liver has grown 15% since the last months scans which is fast and not what we expected, in addition to his tumors in his lungs there are several new tumors. Drs. didnt have an exact count but it's up over 30 now.:( We are out of options in therapy and it's all about quality if life. We love each day to the fullest with Sy and enjoying the good days. Please pray for him to pull off another miracle and prove drs. wrong again. I love my son and it's breaking me to come to this point. :( NEGU!!!"

Over the last year I have seen more strength from my brother and Sy then I knew was possible. Sy is my hero for everything he has gone through and still facing each day with a smile, a joke and caring for others. Matt has held it together on the outside to only be crumbling inside so that Sy never sees him down or sees his worry. They are both so special, please continue to pray and give them strength. I love you both so much.