Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tough Choices

Sept. 20, 2011: We are asking everyone to share Sy's story with everyone they know. The more people who hear about his story and his fight the more support and prayers we can gather and the more attention HCC in children can get and hopefully one day no other child will have to suffer.

Sy is currently in the hospital after a fever spiking after a blood transplant. His fever is stable but they are expected to stay in Stanford until Friday when hopefully his counts get back up. I know lots of people have been anxious to hear Sy's scan results. The good news is the scans continue to show improvement and the tumors continue to shrink...the problem is the tumors are not shrinking quick enough. The body can only handle so much Chemo before other problems arise. The doctors have told Matt that he needs to start thinking about quality of life and/or pushing the limit with Chemo. The main problem with these two choice is that they both have the same results and neither is enough time to shrink the tumors enough to cure him. How do you make a decision like this? How do you decide which is the best option when neither has a good outcome? How do you stay strong when you look into the eyes of an amazing 9 year old who just wants to leave the hospital and be with his friends? Well, I can't answer these questions and over the next few days Matt has a very tough decision to make. Please continue to send prayers and pray for a miracle. Sy has amazed so many times in his short life, none of us are giving up on him and hoping for him to pull out one more surprise.

So do us a favor...take a minute to say a prayer, send a positive thought. And when you are done, look at the top of the page and hit the "SHARE" button. Send the blog and Sy's story out to your facebook friends, twitter followers and through everyone you know in an email.

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