Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Play Ball

May 25, 2011: This last Saturday Sy was chosen at the "play ball kid" at the SF Giants game. Before the game Sy and family got to stand on the field before Sy kicked off the game by saying "lets play ball". He did a great job! Chemo has been doing its job and each round seems to get easier for Sy. With his liver tumor 20% smaller he continues to amaze everyone with his fight. He still has a long fight ahead of him but at least he is leading the charge. Round 5 of Chemo is scheduled to start June 3.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Help Team Sy

ATTENTION all Team Sy supporters, family and friends, There will be a fundraising night at Pizza Factory Co. on South Main St. in Salinas, CA on May 26th. Half of the proceeds will go to Sy's fight. So if you are in the area or can make a special trip please stop by! Help us spread the word. Thank you for the support!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Updates, updates, updates...

May 10, 2011: Friday afternoon Sy was complaining of a tooth ache while at school, so when the school called Matt he immediately went to get him. Matt saw an abscess on his gums and took him to Salinas Memorial Hospital. He was later transferred that night back to LCPH where they drained the abscess and removed 2 teeth. He also had an infection in his port which they cleaned up and then removed his port. So after an unexpected surgery, Sy has 2 fewer teeth and spent 4 days in the hospital before getting discharged Monday night with more meds. They will return Thursday to have his most recent scans read before starting round 4 of chemo on Friday.

With chemo starting Friday Sy, Matt and Veronica will not be walking in the Cure Search for Children's Cancer walk on Saturday May 14. But if you still want to raise money for Children's Cancer you can donate in Sy's name and to his team (Sy's Stormtroopers). 

We ordered more bracelets so be sure to get yours before this batch runs out. We are asking for a minimum of $10.00 per bracelet. Show your support for Sy's fight by wearing a Team Sy/ Cancer Sucks Bracelet. If you want one you can deposit the money into Sy Matthew Sherman Cancer Fund at any Wells Fargo. Account # 2681221061 and then let Matt or myself know you deposited money and we'll get them sent out to you.