Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Pizza, No soda, no fun!

November 15, 2011: 10:00pm Matt received a phone call telling him Sy's Potassium levels were dangerously high and they wanted him to come in. So they made the trip to Stanford ER where they waited all night. This morning they were finally given a room at LPCH where Sy is now. He was put on meds and his potassium levels dropped while he was on them but then slightly climbed back up. He is now on a strict diet limiting all his favorite foods...pizza, soda, Gatorade (apparently all high in potassium. Hopefully his potassium level stabilizes soon so he can get back home and rest up for a few busy weeks.

Toward the end of the week Sy is supposed to meet Andre Ward (professional boxer). December 3rd Sy will be flying down to LA to sit ring side for his fight and meet Oscar DeLaHoya. When they return Sy will get to recover and rest up before his big trip to Florida for "Make-A-Wish" where he gets to go to Disney World. Then after the 1st of the year Sy, Matt and I will be making a trip to Chicago to go to Lego Discovery Center, thanks to KRXQ and their 27 days of Xmas Wishes.

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