Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blood Sucker

Oct. 12, 2011: Sy's labs came back with low counts and was told he needed to get a blood transfusion. Nothing out of the ordinary at this point, so after going through one transfusion at Salinas Memorial Hospt. he spiked a fever and was transferred to LPCH at around 3am. After more labs and doctors not being satisfied with his counts LPCH decided he would need another transfusion. At this point I think Sy may be a vampire. He jokes about who's blood he is getting and what ethnicity they are in hopes of gaining some color. :) He is expected to be in the hospital until at least Thursday while his counts climb back up. His spirits are great, he is enjoying his new ipad, watching plenty of Disney and joking around like usual.


  1. Sy you are a trooper. Your Grannie Rhonda speaks of you very often. Stay strong and give her a hug. I miss her.


  2. Keep fighting Sy! We all miss you at school and think of you every day! Have fun with that new Ipad!