Monday, March 28, 2011

Day by day

March 28, 2011: Sy has been back home since Saturday evening. Things haven't been the smoothest but everyone is staying strong and holding it together. Originally the plan was for Sy to be discharged but because of low magnesium levels and not tolerating his medications they kept Sy for an extra day. Now he is home but the medication continues and so does the nausea. Sy is now on an oral chemo drug called Sorahfanib, which he takes daily. With rubber gloves and masks on Matt and Veronica give Sy medication that in the end is supposed to make him better but in the mean time makes him sick. So far side effects are minimal, red palms and feet, no burns or sores yet. His hair is really thin and has a Today he was throwing up a lot, so much that his ng tube came out. Good news is, Sy let a nurse come to the house to put the tube back in instead of having to go back to Stanford. On Thursday Sy will return to Stanford for an oncology appt and physical before retiring for round 3 of the fight on April 12.

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