Monday, August 8, 2011

Round 8 then what?

August 8th 2011: Sy has now completed 7 rounds of chemo, a handful of blood transfusions and scans. The chemo is starting to wear on Sy.  His blood cell #s are slow to climb back up, he gets nauseous following chemo sessions, still losing weight and now his eye sight has been struggling because of low platelets. Although his body is taking longer to recover between chemo session Sy isn't letting it slow him down too much. He continues to joke around, play on Facebook (well Farmville) and play video games. Doctors have decided to take a serious look at his next set of scans before deciding what is next. Should they continue the chemo even though it is wearing on him? Should they give his body a break from the chemo? While doctors think of all the scenarios, we can't help to think what all this means...will the tumors start to grow again? Will he be eligible for surgery? Without answers...Sy's fingers are crossed that this is his last Chemo session because he hates the hospital and hates getting sick, the rest of the family hopes it is the last because it has worked or at least worked well enough to go onto another treatment. Please continue to pray and send your strength to Sy and the family.


  1. Hes so strong !! And he will make it through this !! I love you Sy

  2. Keep staying strong Sy. I am waiting for that day you al better so we can go to Disneyland. We love and miss you! Char and Jaden =)