Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bump in the road

With 6 rounds under his belt, chemo is doing it's job and Sy is staying strong. Masses continue to shrink or stay the same which is great news. Despite all the great news and Sy's amazing strength he still hits some bumps along the way. On Friday Sy got his second blood transfusion which was needed because his counts were low. He also had a 102 fever which as more then enough for Salinas Memorial to admit Sy and transfer her by ambulance back to LCPH. His fever has dropped and is on antibiotics for a small infection. Doctors want to keep him undress observation until his counts get back up, infection clear and fever completely gone. They expect this to take a few days but hopefully not longer than that since he has to be back on Friday for more scans and round 7 starts Next Monday. In the mean time Sy is doing well, watching cartoons and his nurses let him give himself his medicine which continues to amaze me. Please keep sending positive thoughts and prayers, we also still have bracelets if you'd like to help support Sy.

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