Thursday, November 29, 2012

Still fighting

Nov. 29, 2012: with the month coming to end I want to take a few minutes to say thanks. First, thank you to my brother Matt and Sy's mom Maritsa for not just bringing Sy into this world but for letting me be a part of his life from day 1. Thank you to Veronica and her family for welcoming Sy in as one of their own and taking such good care of him. I am so thankful for every memory I have with Sy from when he was a baby, to our day trips to the boardwalk and our vacation to Disneyland and our trip to Chicago. I am thankful he is such a strong willed kid and such a fighter. I am thankful for the doctors at Stanford Children's Hospital for not just prolonging Sy's life but for also being wrong with every time line they have given us. I am thankful for all they prayers sent Sy's way, all his followers, and my friends who have been here for not just me but for him as well.

Now for an update. Sy has grown more and more weak and tired. He is very frail and sleeps the majority of the day. He hasn't been eating or drinking much which does not help him gain any strength or weight. The best way I can describe him is skin, bones and belly. It is devastating to see him in this condition and I just pray he finds the strength to eat so his fight can continue. Sy we love you more then you will ever know, we aren't giving up and are not going to allow you to give up either.

So as this month of thanks comes to an end, take the time to remember the good times and be thankful for those memories with your loved ones. Look to do something for someone else this holiday season and whenever you think times are bad for you remember somebody else has it worse.


  1. This breaks my heart and makes me so very angry that Sy has had to go through all of this....

  2. Yes, take the time to be thankful and most importantly, like you said, HELP SOMEONE ELSE.

  3. Sy is an amazing boy who has touched many lives. I pray that he is being kept comfortable and is not in a lot of pain. I know that God is with him and loves him deeply. Sy will be healed, if not on earth, then in heaven. God bless you all.