Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tired but still Touching Peoples lives

Oct. 9, 2012: The last 3 weeks have been tougher for Sy. He has a lot less energy, sleeps a lot more, smiles less, vomits more, talks less but that isn't stopping him from touching people's lives and continuing his adventures. In the last 3 weeks he has met Patrick Willis from the 49ers, honored at a youth football game, was Bruce Bochi's guest at the Giants game where he met Bruce and Sergio Romo and attended his first 49er game thanks to Patrick Willis.

Below is from Matt and Veronica:
Sunday- Sy had a good time experiencing his first Forty Niner football game unfortunately as we know the cancer always seems to wanna make itself known when its not wanted and Sy got tired and uncomfortable at the beginning of third quarter so we left, he slept all the way home but I will say he Did not vomit and that's a good thing ...he was fine when we got home he was in the kitchen talking with everyone while TIA Sabrina made pozole for dinner but then it hit he started to get tired and so he took a shower but when he got out he came to his bed to lay down he said he was having some pain so we gave him oxycontin he couldn't lay down because he said his side hurt too much so we sat hos bed up all the way and he quieted down a bit and then out of nowhere he yelled out "ouch it hurts it hurts!!" And he just cried out in pain he has around the clock pain med patch on plus the oxycodone and oxycontin also to help ...we gave him an ativan also to h...
elp relax him ...we finally got him comfortable at about 1:00am and at that time he asked to get in our bed so that whr he slept the rest of the night. We have been through a lot and have watched Sy go thru so much but when he cried out in pain the way he did it really scared us he has never cried out like that we have heard him cry before but for some reason this time was diffrnt and we just felt so helpless =…( all we could do is wait for the meds to kick in and try to comfort him as much as we could.
MONDAY- Well with Sy not having a great nite Sunday nite of course he was extremely tired today he slept pretty much all morning til his nurse came to do weekly labs he wouldn't talk to his nurse he was just grumpy which is understandable, after the nurse he wanted an egg so I made him an egg but before he could eat it he started to vomit :( after that when he finished he asked for potatoes so I made those and again before he could eat them he vomited again and as he was finishing he just looked at me and said "I just wanna eat" :( after that he was able to eat about 4-5 lil bites and he just went to sleep and slept the rest of the day only waking up for meds but that evening he did muster up energy to come out and socialize with the family because everyone was over for dinner AMD cake for his sisters birthday he did vomit a couple of times but he insisted on staying out with everyone :) he slept better that night thank God we are able to mange his pain
TUESDAY - today he is back in the hospital for another blood transfusion
My heart breaks for you Sy I pray and wish I could fix this for you and cleanse you of all this uglyness but I can't we can only pray that the lord heals you from all of this and eases your pain ...we carry you with us even when you aren't with us and we will continue to fight with you til this is gone or until you say you are ready :( WE LOVE YOU SY THERE ARE NO WORDS TO EXPLAIN HOW MUCH WE LOVE YOU WE JUST HOPE YOU CAN FEEL IT! NEGU SY!!!

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  1. Wonderful photos! So glad Sy got to enjoy a 49er game. He is an amazing, amazing boy who has touched so many hearts and continues to do so. God bless you, Sy.