Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tired of Cancer

Sept. 9th, 2012: I'm sorry there have not been more updates or news to share. Most people think no news is good news but at this point no news is good enough. It's hard to believe that almost 18 months ago we got the horrible news about Sy's diagnosis. Dr's continue to give "expiration dates" and Sy continues to prevail past them but as time goes on the Cancer continues to fight as well. Sy is growing more an more tired, sleeping the majority of the day trying to find energy each day. He is now on oxycodine 24-7 to help prevent any pain. His appetite is not what it was but he continue to fight and the family has not given up. If there is a miracle out there I think Sy has proven he deserves it. I've never met anyone with the strength and courage that he has. Sy we love you so much and we are all praying, hoping and wishing for you go prevail and come out on top.

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  1. May God grant you the strength to persevere one day at a time. His grace is sufficient and supplies all our needs. Lifting Sy and your family up to Him in prayer.