Monday, January 9, 2012

27 Days of Christmas-Trip to Chicago

January 3-6, 2011: Despite the low temperatures, Sy's heart was warmed by surrounding legos and good times. Thanks to KRXQ radio Matt, Sy and I were flown out to Chicago to visit Legoland Discovery Center. Uncle Brian joined us for the trip, surrounding Sy with family and laughs. We all flew in Tuesday evening (the coldest night of the week). After checking into our hotel we went to world famous pizza at Lou Malnati's Pizzeria. No joke, best pizza ever. According to Sy "this is blowing my mind." After a night of Sy talking his uncle's ear off about everything and anything we got up the next morning to head to Legoland. Sy couldn't have been happier. We spent several hours there, mostly time spent building and racing Lego cars. After a brief stop at the hotel for some meds we continued our tour of Chicago. From there we headed to Wrigley and had lunch/dinner across from the ball park. After "linner" we headed to Dave and Busters for a night of video games and fun. We all had a great time in the giant arcade and Sy left with a remote control helicopter (money well spent). After a quick stop for icecream on the way back to the hotel we all went to bed to get up and do it again. The next morning we headed to the Museum of Science and Industry where we got to go on a real submarine, see a Dr. Suess exhibit and spent hours playing in the museum. Next stop was Sears Tower (Willis Tower now). Matt, Brian and I really wanted to go on the skydeck and see the amazing views of the city. Sy was hesitant at first since it is 103 floors up. But like usual he was fearless and enjoyed every moment of the thrill of stepping out onto the glass deck to see the city. From Sears tower we headed to dinner at Ed Debevics where they are famously rude to the customers. Sy loved this! The waitress flirted with him all night while being rude to us, throwing menus and straws at us and making us get up for our own drink refills and sauces. That was our last night there and we headed to the airport to come home the next day. The smile on his face was worth the sore feet, late nights and exhaustion for us. But in the end Sy still showed his amazing character by thanking us for the trip and said he had the best time ever. So thank you KRXQ for giving us such an amazing time with such an amazing kid.

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